Authentic Latino Flavors On Trend

According to the U.S. census, with 46.9 million people, Latinos have become the largest ethnic minority at over 15% of the population.   With so many Hispanic food products entering the market place, non-Hispanic Americans are developing a taste for authentic Latino ingredients and products.

The variety of spices and seasonings, custom formulated and blended to replicate the favorite flavors and food tastes of the many different Hispanic cultures has created an exciting opportunity for marketing creative new dry ingredients to food manufactures catering to this segment.  Whether you process meat, poultry, seafood, salad dressings, or a variety of other prepared foods, you need to be following this trend.

Let Georgia Spice Company’s creative R&D formulators help you convert the time consuming, hard to prepare traditional Hispanic recipe’s into flavorful seasonings and custom blends that accommodate today’s life style of a desire for authenticity and a need for quick and easy food prep time.  From the spicy peppers and chilies popular in Hot Southern regions to the sweet fruity and lime notes more popular in the North, Georgia Spice Company can create, custom blend and deliver the seasonings to create flavor profiles that will turn your prepared foods into this growing authentic Latino flavors trend.

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