Functional Foods

It’s no secret that Americans are eating too much and often too much of the wrong things.  High fat, high sodium, sugar loaded meals and snacks are contributing to America’s health problems.  As people get more educated on healthy choices, they will look to their grocery stores to provide them.  Americans are also looking for convenience.  So, it stands to reason that functional foods are here to stay and continue to be a growing segment of the market.Omega 3’s are a great example.  In order to be healthy, one needs to have a balance of Omega 6’s and Omega 3’s.  The ratio should be 1:1.  The Standard American Diet provides plenty of Omega 6’s but not nearly enough Omega 3’s. Therefore, people need to either step up their intake of foods that have Omega 3’s, take supplements or consume foods that are enhanced with them.

There are many great sources of Omega 3’s, many coming from fish oils. Fish oils are hard to work with for enriching food because of the taste.  However, walnuts, flax seeds and chia seeds are great sources that are more easily incorporated into other foods.

Georgia Spice Company would be happy to help you explore how to integrate more Omega 3’s into your dry mixes to add nutritional and marketing power to your products.

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