Georgia Spice wins GA Dept. of Agriculture FLAVOR OF THE YEAR award

When  Hardy Farms Peanuts decided to expand their business base to include value added custom seasonings for their already popular boiled peanuts, they turned to Georgia Spice Company for creative assistance.  The Hot and Trendy  Sriracha topical seasoning we designed for their initial launch of Roasted Peanuts won them first prize in their category at the Georgia Department of Agriculture FLAVOR OF THE YEAR competition.

Whether it’s to “spice up” an existing snack seasoning, salad dressing, marinade, special sauce for meat, fish or poultry,  or create a custom blend for a new drink mix, dessert or cake mix, our talented R&D seasoning blend professionals can design the perfect unique custom blend  for your winning products .


Authentic Latino Flavors On Trend

According to the U.S. census, with 46.9 million people, Latinos have become the largest ethnic minority at over 15% of the population.   With so many Hispanic food products entering the market place, non-Hispanic Americans are developing a taste for authentic Latino ingredients and products.

The variety of spices and seasonings, custom formulated and blended to replicate the favorite flavors and food tastes of the many different Hispanic cultures has created an exciting opportunity for marketing creative new dry ingredients to food manufactures catering to this segment.  Whether you process meat, poultry, seafood, salad dressings, or a variety of other prepared foods, you need to be following this trend.

Let Georgia Spice Company’s creative R&D formulators help you convert the time consuming, hard to prepare traditional Hispanic recipe’s into flavorful seasonings and custom blends that accommodate today’s life style of a desire for authenticity and a need for quick and easy food prep time.  From the spicy peppers and chilies popular in Hot Southern regions to the sweet fruity and lime notes more popular in the North, Georgia Spice Company can create, custom blend and deliver the seasonings to create flavor profiles that will turn your prepared foods into this growing authentic Latino flavors trend.

We use a very sensitive instrument to formulate our blends

Instead of test tubes, Georgia Spice uses taste buds.  Our master blenders and chef consultants know that enhancing your product is an art, not a science.

No chemical formula, just fresh ingredients.  Blended from scratch every time you order.  And our delivery time won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Batch sizes?  Private labeling?  Breadings?  No problem.  One call puts our team of taste buds to work for you.  Dial (404) 696-6200 or email us at

Cartoons may lure kids to sugary snacks, not carrots

This was the title of an article in the IFT newsletter posted yesterday. The study showed that kids that were given the choice of either sugary snacks or carrots both marketed stickers of a licensed characters like Scooby Doo or Shrek still chose the sugary snack over the carrot snack.  Europe has actually banned the practice of targeting kids with licensed characters.

It seems we have a way to go in educating our children on healthy choices.  In the meantime, if we are going to continue to produce and market sugary snacks to all age groups, perhaps we can use healthier sweeteners.

Georgia Spice Company can help you in determining what sweeteners might work well in your custom dry blends to make sure the sweet profile is where you want it using alternative sweetener products.  We can help you in making a healthier choice in your formula, a cleaner label which will allow you to do some positive marketing and promotion of your products.

Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss product development.

Functional Foods

It’s no secret that Americans are eating too much and often too much of the wrong things.  High fat, high sodium, sugar loaded meals and snacks are contributing to America’s health problems.  As people get more educated on healthy choices, they will look to their grocery stores to provide them.  Americans are also looking for convenience.  So, it stands to reason that functional foods are here to stay and continue to be a growing segment of the market.Omega 3’s are a great example.  In order to be healthy, one needs to have a balance of Omega 6’s and Omega 3’s.  The ratio should be 1:1.  The Standard American Diet provides plenty of Omega 6’s but not nearly enough Omega 3’s. Therefore, people need to either step up their intake of foods that have Omega 3’s, take supplements or consume foods that are enhanced with them.

There are many great sources of Omega 3’s, many coming from fish oils. Fish oils are hard to work with for enriching food because of the taste.  However, walnuts, flax seeds and chia seeds are great sources that are more easily incorporated into other foods.

Georgia Spice Company would be happy to help you explore how to integrate more Omega 3’s into your dry mixes to add nutritional and marketing power to your products.

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