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Georgia Spice Products & Services

Private label packaging

Georgia Spice Company is a one stop shop for custom blending and packaging of spices blends, seasonings, drink mixes, batters, breadings, cake mixes, snack seasonings, marinades, salad dressings and dry blends for making sauces.  Our experienced R&D team can speed up  development time to create, duplicate, or improve your unique food ingredient flavor profile.

Georgia Spice Company will customer blend, private label and package your proprietary blends or one of our in house blends consistently, to spec and in a reasonable amount of time.

Georgia Spice Company is an SQF Level 2 Certified facility. We are also OU Kosher Certified and have assisted many of our customers in meeting Kosher regulations.

We can also provide gluten free custom blended products run on our dedicated gluten free line.

From unique flavor profile development and matching to custom dry spice ingredient blending and packaging in bulk or batch sizes, our goal is to serve you.